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Greece to decriminalise drug possession?

The reporting so far is a little confusing and sometimes contradictory, but it seems that:

Proposals have been made by the Greek Justice Minister Miltiadis Papaioannou to the Greek Committee on Social Affairs which notably include decriminalisation of personal drug use, as long as the drug use only impacts the behavior and condition of the individual drug user.

Under the reforms possession of drugs for personal consumption will be classed as only misconduct so long as it is used for only private use, and the cultivation of cannabis will be tolerated if only for personal use. The bill also proposes to guarantee the right for drugs treatment to all who request it, including drug users incarcerated. The reforms will not legalise the supply or trafficking of drugs, these actions will still be considered offences under Greek law.


The Minister explained that these actions would be now regarded as misdemeanors, as long as it effects only the user and no others. Minister Papaioannou noted that the law had to be changed because of the minor danger of specific actions. In this way, police will have the ability to deal more quickly and easily with more severe issues. The Minister stressed that the law has a therapeutic approach to the issue and every drug user will be treated as an addicted person who needs help rather than punishment.

Austerity does have its benefits! I suspect Portugal’s high-profile (and somewhat-different) decriminalisation, and the EU’s quietly favourable attitude will deserve some credit too if this comes to pass. Watch this space.


The chart showing topline defense spending by president demonstrates:

  • Requesting fiscally responsible defense budgets has historically been a bipartisan effort
  • Previous spending reductions have not compromised U.S. national security
  • The Obama administration has the opportunity to achieve large savings from sensible reductions in the defense budget because both its total and baseline budgets are at unprecedented levels.
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